3 Ways to Freeze Cookie Dough 1

3 Ways to Freeze Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is the first step to a freshly baked batch of ooey-gooey cookies right out of the oven. But what could be better than having dough on hand to make them whenever you want?

These days, most cookie recipes yield enough for 2-3 dozen. And although it’s tempting to bake them all in one night, it’s also a good idea to keep the extra dough on hand for when you get a late night sweet tooth or decide to host a book club at your house.

Believe it or not, there are several ways that you can freeze cookie dough. And, if stored properly, the dough can last up to six months.

Author, baker, and contributor to SophisticatedGormet.com, Kamran Siddiqi explains three ways to freeze cookie dough for perfect cookies whenever you want. She gives instructions for the dough to be used with drop, cut-out and slice-and-bake cookies. Don’t be afraid to give Kamran’s ideas a whirl. Using her tips may make your holiday baking a little easier.

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3 Ways to Freeze Cookie Dough





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