9 Tips for a Stunning Floral Arrangement on a Budget

9 Tips for a Stunning Floral Arrangement on a Budget

A flower arrangement instantly warms up your home. Many people think that gorgeous flower arrangements have to cost an arm and a leg, but did you know that several tricks can be used to transform store-bought and pre-packaged flowers into absolutely stunning arrangements?

As I know from experience, creating your bouquet can be tricky. Luckily, Bronwen Smith of B-Floral and Nick Bazas of From your Flowers share their expert advice on floral arranging. These nine tips will not only help save you money, but they’ll also change the way you shop for flowers and care for your arrangements.

Shake it up

Gently shaking flowers is an excellent way to tell if they’re healthy. If the leaves fall off, try another bunch.

Check petal quality

Avoid petals that are thinning, browning or wilting. Dry and leathery to the touch, are unhealthy petals and they are indicative that the flowers are on their last leg.

Add this to your water

According to Nick Bazas, half cup Sprite is a great addition to flower water. Your local florist may also have other solutions for particular flowers. I have had great luck in keeping my flowers fresh and bacteria at bay by adding a drop of bleach to my arrangements

Avoid touchy flowers

Avoiding temperamental blooms such as lisianthus, poppies and garden roses will help keep your bouquet fresher for a longer period.

Remove leaves below the waterline

Doing this will ensure the health of your arrangement and prevent leaves from decaying and causing harm to the flowers.

Stick to sturdy blooms

Roses, hydrangeas, tulips, freesia and cymbidium are all great options to keep your arrangement vibrant and lively.

Change water often

It’s necessary to change the water every 2-3 days. Don’t forget to add flower food!

Avoid unbloomed buds

Although many people argue that unbloomed buds last longer, they aren’t guaranteed to open. Always buy fresh blooms. If necessary, you can store them in the refrigerator until your event to increase longevity.

Keep flower height in mind

Volume and depth are imperative. Be sure to add a variety of greenery (natural looking AND inexpensive), and position the flowers at various heights and angles to create a full looking arrangement.

9 Tips for a Stunning Floral Arrangement on a Budget

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