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rsz_rosy_jafili_070_copy_3Hello, my name is Rosy Jalifi and I live in Austin, Texas. Since my family roots in the Lone Star state began in the 16th century, I consider myself a true native Texan.

I welcome you to my digital space where I can be my mother’s daughter. Since the early days of my girlhood, my mother taught me traditional feminine values and interests. She cultivated and encouraged an appreciation for the color pink and all things connoted with this color like:  coiffures, tea sets, ribbon, matching bags and shoes, polished fingernails, good manners, caring for others, steel resolve, multitasking, etc., etc., etc.

No wonder that throughout my life and career I have had great fun being female. God has blessed me with gifts that have led to a successful career in local government and meaningful contributions to my community. Life is not a bed of roses for anyone, but it certainly is a beautiful experience that is filled with  interesting people to meet and meaningful things to learn.

As I start this personal blog in 2014, I see it as my digital forum to share ideas, news, and information that I find interesting and want to share with other women. Home and health to fashion and the workplace will be the sources of my inspiration. As I post and write, undoubtedly my focus will narrow, but the overarching umbrella won’t change – a woman’s perspective and interests. Don’t misunderstand, I am not a political feminist, just a pink soul on a pilgrimage who likes to converse and share ideas with others. My “pinkness” is balanced with my blue side like watching football, soccer and business. In other words, I  enjoy the company of men and value the countless life and business lessons they offer me everyday.

In closing, I want to dedicate this blog to the most important woman in my life – my mother, Petra V. Jalifi. We lost my sweet and loving mother to cervical cancer in 2012 and her physical absence has created a deep vacuum in my life. I still grieve her loss, and probably will until my last breath; but, I find solace in my faith, friendships and learning. These are values that Patty began to foster in me when I was a little girl in South Texas and she continued to impart during her final days in Central Texas.

I invite you to come back on a regular basis to A Mother’s Daughter and see what I am writing and sharing.


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