An Easter Bunny Cake To Delight Your Guests [Recipe]

An Easter Bunny Cake To Delight Your Guests [Recipe]

A whimsical chocolate Easter bunny cake will bring great delight to your holiday.  Carrie Sellman at shares a chocolate cake recipe that includes many Easter decorations–chocolate bunny, candy eggs, and grass.  You can bake the cake from scratch or follow Carrie’s instructions to decorate a store-prepared cake.

Easter Bunny Cake Recipe


Chocolate Easter Bunny Cake

chocolate-easter-bunny-cakeSpring is officially here and little signs of growth and renewal are sprouting up everywhere.  Easter is just three weeks away and the white ceramic bunnies in my living room have been ready for weeks.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I love holidays.  I love the planning, the decorating, the celebrating, and of course, the baking.  read more at






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