DIY Easter Decoration [Easy]

DIY Easter Decoration [Easy]

Are you looking for an easy DIY Easter decoration idea? Honestly, I had never thought to decorate my coffee station, but Jennie Larsen at gives us an easy way to add little Easter eggs to our caffeine spot. Jennie’s project calls for styrofoam Easter eggs, cake pop sticks, hot glue gun, and hot glue. The challenge is to find small Easter eggs that don’t have a lot of glitter or sparkle and that you can poke or cut a hole to insert the pop stick. But, with a little endurance, I bet you’ll find some at your local craft store, dollar store or online. I’d love to see what you come up with — so share a picture in the comments section.

Below is Jennie’s instructional video. Hop over to her blog post and look at her cute coffee station and read her post for more details on the project. Also spend time at her website for more craft ideas. 



For more Easter decorations check out this post showing you how to make elegant Easter eggs. 



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