Don’t Make These Christmas Card Mistakes 2

Don’t Make These Christmas Card Mistakes

A Christmas card is a wonderful way to share the season’s true meaning of the holiday—sharing God’s love with others. In a special way, the greeting card is a small gift from you to the recipient. The gift is your remembrance of the other person. It’s a smile on paper with ink.

How to Set Up a Christmas Card System

Robin Bickerstaff Glover at in “Christmas Card Etiquette” presents eight tips on how you can organize your card-sending project. From when to send your cards to what cards you should send to whom, Robin offers practical advice.

How to Properly Send Christmas Cards of my favorite Christmas time traditions is preparing, addressing and mailing out Christmas cards to family and friends. It is also great to anticipate and receive the daily delivery of cards. Although this seems a pretty obvious task, there are some specific rules that everyone should observe when mailing out Christmas and holiday cards. Read more…


Avoid These Mistakes

The team at in “Holiday Card Grammar Mistakes” identifies simple grammar mistakes we can make when writing our cards. From omitting a comma to a misplaced an apostrophe—the lesson here is to slow down and watch your “P’s and Q’s.”

Don’t Make These Grammatical Errors on Your Holiday Cards just one small mark, they can make the difference between an error-free card and the alternative. Adding an apostrophe to “Season’s Greetings” is correct, since it makes the phrase possessive. (As in, the greetings belong to the season.) Whereas “the Bakers” is correct as it is. Read more…


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