Easy and Quick Way to Cook Sardines

Sardines — An Easy and Quick Recipe

Fresh sardines are a delicious and alternative menu option for Lent. If you’re like me, I’m always looking for new, easy and tasty Lenten meals. In “No Quotation Marks on These Sardines”, former food editor for New York Times shows us how to prepare this fish at home. He also includes an instructional video to further teach us how to cook this little fish.

These little fish are a super healthy food. They promote bone health, heart health and are packed with protein. Fresh sardines are very perishable so cook them within a day or two.

Broiled Sardines at Home: The Minimalist

FOR years, the only kind of sardines available to the average American were packed in oil, water or tomato sauce, sold in little rectangular cans, first with keys and later with pop-tops.

But because they’re plentiful and not endangered as a species (and full of healthful omega-3 fatty acids), fresh sardines are enjoying something of a renaissance. It helps that they’re delicious and inexpensive. See more…




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