English Villages

English Villages That Are Charming and Enchanting

 English villages are beautiful. I haven’t had the good fortune to personally visit one, but I enjoy seeing them and their community life in British television programs. I’m a big fan of Acorn-TV and British mysteries. 

Last month I showed you beautiful covered bridges that you can find throughout the United States. These bridges are picturesque during the fall with autumn’s foliage framing them.

As we begin the Christmas season, let’s look at English villages. Holly Price at ElleDecor.com in “13 English Villages so Pretty They Should Be on a Christmas Card” showcases lovely villages throughout England. As you would expect most of these sites are centuries old and have many tales to tell. But, most of all, they are charming. Happy viewing!

13 villages so pretty they should be on a Christmas card

http://www.elledecor.com/life-culture/travel/g3348/pretty-villages-to-visit-uk/These twinned villages, linked by a dainty river, derive their names from ‘wet’ or ‘mud’ but, despite this, provide for the most eye-wateringly beautiful streets. Lower Slaughter is home to the most romantic street in Britain, Copse Road, according to a Google street view poll. See more…





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