Fuss-Free Homemade Biscuits [Recipe] 2

Fuss-Free Homemade Biscuits [Recipe]

Here’s a fuss free and delicious recipe for homemade biscuits. The easy part is that the recipe calls for only two ingredients: self-rising flour and whipping cream. Sue posted this simple recipe on her blog, Munchkinmunchies.com

Yep, you read correctly, homemade biscuits using only two ingredients!  All you need is cream and self-rising flour. These biscuits were so much better than the baking mix in a box version, but just as easy! After combining the 2 ingredients and stirring until blended, roll dough on a lightly floured surface and knead 10 times. read more at munchkinmunchies.com

Sue adds some beautiful photographs and easy to understand instructions. I also found that trippsmom [psued] made helpful comments on the recipe (posted February 10, 2013):

You never, ever, ever knead biscuits!!! You ‘layer’ them by lightly folding over using no pressure. Two or 3 times for the whipping cream biscuit. 

The commentator went on to suggest to use “southern [sic] flour which is lower in gluten. White Lily, Martha White, or Southern Biscuit.”

Homemade Biscuits Recipe Videos

I found this video that demonstrates the two ingredient-recipe. The video was not produced by MunchkinMunchies, but it demonstrates the recipe.


Now this video shows the biscuit layering technique mentioned in the comments. Remember that our commentator suggested layering only 2-3 times, but this video calls for more layering. Let me know if you layered and how many times you layered.


Frankly, I don’t think you can go wrong with this quick recipe. It will make a great addition to your upcoming holiday baking. Or, if you wake-up wanting some warm homemade biscuits with butter and your favorite jelly (orange marmalade for me) whip up a batch of biscuits.


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Image Credit: Sue at Munchkinmunchies.com

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