How to Take Good Care of Your Beautiful Easter Lily

How to Take Good Care of Your Beautiful Easter Lily

I like to call the Easter Lily one of the two anchor flowers of my Catholic faith and my calendar year. When I have a joyfully red poinsettia in my house, I’m celebrating Christ’s birth. In the brightness of spring, I have an elegant Easter lily on a table, and I celebrate Christ’s triumph over death.  So, if you’re like me you probably have an Easter lily gracing your Eastertide decorations.

Taking Care of Your Easter Lily

Here are a few pointers for keeping your Easter Lily happy.

  • Indoors, Easter Lilies prefer cool daytime temperatures (60-65˚) with slightly cooler night temperatures (55-60˚). They flourish in bright, indirect daylight, but the blossoms will quickly wilt and fade if they are placed in direct sunlight. 
  • Don’t place your lily in a draft nor where it’ll be exposed to heat or dry air from appliances, fireplaces and heating ducts.
  • Turn your lily every two days to prevent the stalk from leaning toward the light.
  • Keep your plant moderately moist, but don’t over-water. And, do not let your plant sit in trapped standing water. Don’t water your lily while it’s in the foil or plastic sleeve. Remove it from the cover sleeve, once the excess water has drained from the planter, you can return it to the decorative cover.
  • Remove the lily’s yellow anthers before it starts to shed pollen. This will keep the petals white and give the flowers greater longevity.
  • Unopened blossoms may not open if there’s insufficient moisture in the air. You set the pot on top of saucer filled with small stones and water, to provide extra humidity for your plant.

Word of Caution for Pet Owners

Lilies pose health hazards to cats. The entire plant can be poisonous to your feline friend. The plant doesn’t pose a serious threat to dogs. If they eat a lily, a dog can get some gut problems, but the condition is not life-threatening. If you do have a cat or dog, place your Easter Lily in a location that your pet can’t reach.

More than 12 million Easter Lilies are grown and sold in the United Sates and Canada. Lots of people like lilies. With a little effort on your part, you can enjoy the sweet fragrance of your Easter Lily for days. Many people keep their lilies and plant them in the ground or regrow them in a pot.

This video gives you tips on caring and transplanting the lily in the ground.


If you prefer container gardening, then watch this video and learn how to regrow the lily in a pot next year.


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