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How to Say “No” to a Wedding Invitation

Have you received your first wedding invitation for the new year yet? I have and I’m looking forward to the big event. I enjoy attending weddings from admiring the invitation, shopping for a gift, planning my outfit to witnessing the ceremony and attending the reception. There are years when I receive 2-3 invitations, and then there are times when I enter a “dry spell” of no weddings.

Over the years I have grown to value a wedding invitation. The bride, groom or their families want you to join them at a very special event. As much as you would like to attend, there may be a time when you’re unable to join the festivities. Of course, as with any social setting, there is a right and a wrong to decline an invitation.

How to Decline a Wedding Invitation

Meghan Carlson at in “The 5 Rules of Saying ‘No’ to a Wedding Invitation” gives us several “do’s and don’ts” when saying no. Heaven knows most of us need reminders of polite manners. 

The 5 Rules of Saying “No” to a Wedding Invitation’re willing to bet you’ve probably received at least one wedding invitation in the mail for this summer. If you’re able and excited to attend, well—that’s great! But it’s inevitable that, at some point, you’ll have to send your regrets for someone’s big day. Read more here…




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