Two Blue Ribbon Coconut Cream Pies [Recipe and Video] 2

Two Blue Ribbon Coconut Cream Pies [Recipe and Video]

Coconut cream pie is smooth, creamy and filled with the delicious flavors of toasted coconut and vanilla. Cream pies are filled with a rich custard or pudding related to the French crème patissière. A common feature of all these one-crust pies is the whipped cream topping. Below are two recipes that you will enjoy.

15-Minute Recipe

The folks at share an easy and quick recipe that uses ready-to-use graham cracker crust, vanilla instant pudding and ready-made whipped topping. This recipe is a good one when you’re short of time yet want to please your family or friends.

Easy Coconut Cream Pie (15-Minute Recipe) this coconut cream recipe in just 15 minutes and surprise your family or friends! This is a creamy and delicious coconut cream pie that you can make anytime with only a few ingredients! See more…


Recipe With Video

If you want a “from scratch” coconut cream pie, then this recipe from Southern Living via is perfect. There are two added bonuses with this recipe. You will learn how to make homemade vanilla pudding and whipped cream in the process. The team at Southern Living produced a video to show you the steps in making this creamy pie.

Coconut Cream Pie Recipe it comes to pie recipes, this classic coconut pie recipe takes the blue ribbon. The use of a refrigerated pie crust makes it easy and the whipped cream makes it fun and stunning. See more…


Both of these recipes will yield excellent creamy desserts filled with the tropical taste of coconut.


Two Blue Ribbon Coconut Cream Pies [Recipe and Video] 3





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