What Do My Wedding Flowers Symbolize?

What Do My Wedding Flowers Symbolize?

Personally, I think wedding flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of a ceremony. Aside from seeing two people join into a lifelong union – you also get the benefit of enjoying some incredible arrangements. But did you know that your floral selection could actually have some real significance?

Throughout time, flowers have come to symbolize everything from luck and love to happiness and purity. When choosing flowers for your big day, it’s important to realize the meaning behind these beautiful blooms. Dobrina Zhekova put together of a list of 10 popular wedding flowers the meanings behind them for InStyle.com.

The Meaning of Popular Wedding Flowers

AmarylisPassion, love, beauty
Luck, anticipation
BegoniaHarmony, caution
Birds of ParadiseFaithfulness, attention
Calla LilyPurity, innocence, beauty
ChrysanthemumJoy, fidelity
GardeniaPurity, joy, love
IrisWisdom, faith
SunflowerGood luck, happiness, positivity, strength
Tulip Beautiful, enduring


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Featured Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash

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