Don't Eat Before Your Trip and Other Tips From a Travel Pro

Don’t Eat Before Your Trip and Other Tips From a Travel Pro

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you eat before you travel? Is eating away from home a challenge? Melissa Biggs Bradley, founder of the luxury travel firm Indagare, has been lucky enough to explore the world with her family and has also planned exciting trips for her clients. Her firm is a membership-based agency that is a go-to resource for the “one percenters”. Needless to say, she is a travel expert and she shares some of her traveling wisdom on Bloomberg.

Here are Melissa’s travel tips:

No food on plane = no jet lag

At high altitudes, your digestive system will shut down completely. To avoid jet lag, eat an hour or two before your flight and drink only water while you’re in the air. Your body will appreciate you!

Get local recommendations

If you land in a city where you know no one, finding recommendations for hot-spots shouldn’t be difficult. Find a restaurant with a communal table, that way you’ll be interacting with local people while getting some personal insights and recommendations on things to do and see.

Be prepared for the worst

Who wants to go on a trip and end up with a stomach bug? The answer is no one, which is why it’s important to be prepared. Melissa recommends bringing a probiotic and Pepto-Bismol pills. The combination can help fight any queasy feelings while traveling.

Ratings don’t always matter

In many popular travel destinations, the four star hotels are often just as good as the five star.

Make the most of your trip

I really like this suggestion. Designate roles to each traveler so your trip is properly documented. Biggs Bradley suggests assigning an instructor, documenter and note taker each day. Another person can volunteer to be an editor and compile all of the notes and photos at the end of the trip. I would think you’d want to discuss and get buy-in before your plane leaves.

Stay connected

One of the best tools Biggs Bradley recommends is “Skyroam”, a mobile hotspot. For just $10 a day, you can use as much data as you’d like. Just be sure to check the coverage areas before you depart.

If traveling is one your 2018 goals then read more of Melissa’s recommendations here. Here’s my article with tips for solo travlers.


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