Guidebook for Best Type of Pumpkin to Buy 1

Guidebook for Best Type of Pumpkin to Buy

A pumpkin guidebook is not a bad idea with all the gorgeous varieties of pumpkins at our local markets. We have choices beyond the traditional jack-o-lantern – there are blue, white, pink and green pumpkins. You’ll also find square ones, flattened ones, and deeply ribbed ones. But are all pumpkins edible? Are some varieties easier to carve than others?

A Pumpkin Guidebook with Answers

Lisa Hallett Taylor at lays out the differences between the many pumpkins in this article. Lisa gives us a great online guide that you’ll want to refer to as you plan your fall outdoor decorations and baking. Thanks to Lisa I’ve learned that many of these decorative and beautiful autumn delights are edible.

Know Your Pumpkins are getting picky about their pumpkins, and that bin of dusty orange ones at the local market may not produce the perfect specimen to display on the porch or front steps. You’ve seen the white ones, the green ones, the tall ones, and squat ones. But what are their names and varieties? While hundreds of pumpkin varieties exist, we introduce you to some of the more noteworthy, along with their physical attributes. Read more…


Enjoy your fall pumpkin and send me a photo if you selected one of the more “exotic” varieties.


Guidebook for Best Type of Pumpkin to Buy 2

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