Pasta Sauce in 10 Minutes That’s Flavor-Packed and Easy 2
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Pasta Sauce in 10 Minutes: Flavor-Packed and Easy

You can make a simple pasta sauce in ten minutes by using cherry tomatoes instead of a larger tomato. Why cherry tomatoes? According to Serious Eats

  • Cherry tomatoes are packed with flavor. Because they’re small, they’re allowed to ripen on the vine longer since they’re less likely to be crushed under their own weight during shipping.
  • They contain more pectin. This makes them great for a sauce that you need to thicken quickly.
  • They take less time to cook. Since they’re small, cherry tomatoes need less time to cook and break down.
  • No prep needed. That’s right just toss them in the pan. As they cook, their water content will burst the skin, letting juicy goodness seep out.

This tasty sauce calls for three ingredients: olive oil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. After you add your cooked pasta you’ll add spices and seasonings. Check out this video for specific recipe and instructions.

I’m an amateur and messy cook so I’d use a pan that is deeper than the one J. Kenji uses. If not, I’d have pasta and sauce all over my stove. Neverthe less, next time I want to make something fresh, tasty and fast I’ll reach for this recipe.


Pasta Sauce in 10 Minutes That’s Flavor-Packed and Easy 





Image Credit:  J. Kenji López-Alt via


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