Slow-Cooked Apple Cider Rump Roast [Recipe]

Slow-Cooked Apple Cider Rump Roast [Recipe]

Rump roast dinners takes me back to my childhood Sunday afternoons. During fall and winter months, Mom would slowly cook a roast after Mass. Unknowingly, mother created warm memories that have lasted in my heart for years and will remain with me forever.

The staff at show us how to slow cook a roast using apple cider as the cooking liquid. That’s right apple cider. And why not? It is October and time for apples, cinnamon, and sweet potatoes and all these ingredients and more are used in their recipe. While you have the apple cider out, you might want to serve this apple cider cranberry relish apple cider cranberry relish along with your tasty roast.

Hop over to SixSisters and grab their recipe and start creating everlasting memories for your families. Or impress your friends on a chilly fall evening with this dish—they’ll be impressed. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you the sisters have lots of great recipes for “bringing families together” (their tagline).


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