Smart Ideas for Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Smart Ideas for Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are beautiful but challenging. Like many people around this time of year, you dread digging out your tangled light strands from the garage. Aside from that, you also have to recover your flattened wreaths and wrinkled linens to make sure your house is festive for entertaining during the holidays.

I love decorating for Christmas, but I dislike all of the disorganization. However, after reading these tips shared by Zoe Gowen at storing your Christmas decorations might become a little more manageable for all of us.

Storage Tips for Christmas Decorations


Storing lights can be simple. All you need is some twist ties and heavy-duty ziplock bags. While removing the lights check to make sure each bulb works and then just wind the strand around your arm and tie it off. Place each coil in a bag to keep them organized. To make things even easier, consider storing the colored and white strands separately.


Throughout the year, hang onto any extra egg cartons and liquor and wine boxes. Here’s why. Place smaller ornaments in the egg cartons, and larger ones can be wrapped with tissue and placed in the compartmentalized wine boxes.

Wreaths + Garlands

If you keep these neatly in airtight storage bins, they will last for years. I like to stuff the bow loops with tissue balls and place a sheet of tissue between wreaths.

Stockings + Linens

Before packing them away for the year, make sure your linens are cleaned and pressed. Neatly wrap them linens and stockings in tissue paper and keep inside of airtight storage boxes.

Odds + Ends

For all of the different wires and hooks, you might have, keeping them organized in a little tackle box will do the trick.

The recurring tips are to use tissue paper, airtight containers, and plastic bags. What I usually do is buy my storage supplies around mid-December. I like to store my decorations by room or vignette—this makes it easier when setting up next year. For example, I have all my Christmas tree decorations stored in box (baubles, garland, picks, tree topper and tree skirt). Read Zoe’s article for a few more storage ideas.

You can enjoy your beautiful decorations knowing that you have a plan for take down and storage. Don’t forget to be merry and bright!


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