What wedding style lessons can we learn from Jackie Kennedy? 2

What wedding style lessons can we learn from Jackie Kennedy?

Although I haven’t talked much about weddings on my site, I’d like to share a few thoughts on defining a wedding style.

Why does it matter?

A wedding style is key to wedding planning because it helps define all the other elements of a wedding—venue, dress, type of reception, décor, invitations, etc. Your wedding style describes a wedding’s look and feel.

Wedding Style Clues

Over at TheVeryLastDetail.com, you will find a series of questions that will jump start your efforts in defining your vision for your wedding. You’ll even find a wedding dictionary that defines common wedding themes.

Lessons from Jackie Kennedy

Today is Jackie Kennedy’s birthday. Last year on her birthday, I wrote about Jackie’s personal elegant style. Jackie remains an American fashion icon long after her 1994 death. She continues to inspire millions with her chic wardrobe and effortless style.

Andrea Chen at InStyle.com reminds us that Jackie had two beautiful weddings. She and JFK were wed on September 12, 1953, in Newport, R.I. This wedding was a society wedding that included a Catholic Mass and a reception for 1,200 guests. This event made national news and drew a crowd of 2,000 fans.

Her second wedding to Aristotle Onassis was held in a tiny chapel in Skorpios, Greece. There were around 40 guests (close friends and family) who witnessed the 45-minute ceremony. The couple boarded the groom’s yacht “Christina” for an intimate reception.  Although smaller in scale, her second trip down the aisle was tasteful and beautiful.

Here are the lessons Andrea has drawn from Jackie’s two iconic weddings:

Pick a dress that marries trend and timelessness

Wear something borrowed

Have your bridesmaids complement you

Remember to smile

Tie a ribbon

Enjoy some beautiful pictures of Jackie’s JFK wedding here and her Onassis wedding here.


What wedding style lessons can we learn from Jackie Kennedy? 1

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